It’s fair to say that the majority of Australian residents love camping. It gives us the opportunity to escape our busy lives, immerse ourselves in nature and spend quality time with family and friends. Oh, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

To some that’s throwing a tent and sleeping bag in the car and shooting off for a quick over-nighter, for others it’s roadtripping for weeks on end. Our go-to is somewhere in between. A multi-day camping getaway with everything you need to set up a practical, comfortable campsite.

One item that should be considered is a generator. Importantly, we’re not talking about a family relic that makes more noise than a dryer full of bricks, we’re talking about a modern, purpose built, camping generator.

A popular model that we recommend is the Honda EU20i. It’s extremely lightweight for a generator at 21kg, creates enough power to run everyday appliances and it’s super quiet. Having said that, you’d still stash it 10m – 15m from your campsite to reduce noise to a faint purr and minimise fumes.


1. Use your batteries without fear of being caught out

Getting a flat battery when off the beaten track is something all campers worry about, particularly if you’re solo. With a generator like the Honda EU20i on hand, you’ll sleep easy. It is possible to use the DC outlets for a quick charge (e.g.jumpstart), however it’s best practice to charge your car/boat/bike battery through a battery charger plugged into the generators 240 V outlets (i.e. standard plug sockets). This ensures a fast and accurate charge, ensuring a healthy and properly charged battery.

2. You can light up the campsite

Having a well lit campsite when you’re preparing meals & cleaning up makes life easier. There are loads of inexpensive, compact lighting options that can run off the generator to avoid using your car battery.

3. Keep the music going

It’s great to have music playing around the campsite day and night. Having a generator on hand means you can charge your speakers on the go and keep the good vibes cranking for the entire trip. No more flat batteries half way through the Hottest 100. Remember to be considerate of any neighbours.
Music 1

4. Keep your important devices charged

Escaping to the great outdoors provides an ideal opportunity to give your thumb a rest, but it’s important to keep our phones charged from a safety perspective. Also, no one wants to be left high and dry if their camera battery runs out of juice mid-adventure. Having a generator on hand can keep you charged and connected 24/7.
Phone 2

5. Treat yourself to a little luxury

Anyone fancy a breakfast smoothie? Espresso? Toast that doesn’t taste like smoke? Having a generator on hand to power your appliances can bring a little glamping to your camping. Have friends that need a little luxury? Maybe this will be enough to get them to finally join you!

Honda Generator EU20i with Blender


Before your next camping trip, be sure to find out if generators are allowed at your camping destination, as restrictions apply. Here’s a list of some state parks and reserves in Victoria that allow the use of generators:

  • Bunyip State Park.
  • Lake Hindmarsh Reserve.
  • Murray River Reserves – Generators must be on a clear patch of ground and have a fire extinguisher or rucksack (container with 20 litres of water) next to the generator.
  • Upper Yarra Reservoir Park.
  • The Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park allow generators if they do not bother other campers due to the noise level they omit.