Abseiling at Mt Buffalo with the crew at Adventure Guides Australia is an amazing experience, and one that deserves a top spot on your adventure hit list.

This particular experience, the beginners abseil, is located on top of the magnificent Mt Buffalo which has an elevation of 1,723 metres (5,653 ft). So while you’re abseiling down 10 – 35 m rock faces, the perception is that you’re much higher up. It get’s the adrenaline going and you’ll love every second of it.


  • Stay/camp in Bright, a major gateway to Alpine Victoria.
  • Book your abseiling adventure with the awesome team at Adventure Guides Australia.
  • This particular experience is best suited to those without much climbing / abseiling experience, but there are more advanced options available (like a 300 m multi-pitch).
  • Take plenty of food and drink to get you through a solid 3 – 4 hour session.
  • Wear layers and take some extremely warm clothes in the cooler months as the temp drops a lot.
  • Explored in Autumn. Possible all year round, although most comfortable September – May.


“You lot look nervous, you must be abseiling with me today”, said David, our guide and Owner of Australian Adventure Guides. He was right of course, but we were also brimming with excitement at the prospect of learning to abseil at Mt Buffalo, an absolutely incredible setting in Alpine Victoria.

For this experience, your first port of call is getting your abseiling equipment sorted. You’ll be fitted with a harness, helmet, belay device, carabiners and a pair of gloves – all essential abseiling gear for a safe and comfortable day.

Then it’s on to a quick show and tell, where your guide will brief you on the basics of abseiling. Keep in mind, the guide can only teach you so much at this stage, most of the learning is done on the abseil. Feeling a little anxious? No need to worry, the guide has a safety rope attached to you so there’s absolutely no chance of coming undone!

Instruction on how to abseil on Mt Buffalo.

David, our guide, instructing us on how to abseil.


The first abseil of the day is to get you used to the mechanics of abseiling. You’ll be going over a ledge of around 10 m high, so it’s a great chance to get used to the equipment, the movements and build your confidence.

Your guide will talk you through the abseil from the top, while any friends who have already made it to down will be giving you plenty of advice with their newfound knowledge.

The first abseil location on Mt Buffalo

The first abseil location on Mt Buffalo. Check out that view!


After a few descents on the first abseil, you’ll be raring to step it up a notch. The second abseiling location will be around 25 m and include more variance – you’ll be jumping out and over rocks, and perhaps descending over a section or two where you’ll need to make a big leap – just like the pros.

At this location, as you move out of the gully and around the bluff, the view opens up and creates the perception that you’re really, really high. Walking up to the edge will certainly get the adrenaline going, but once abseiling down you’ll be loving life… and the views out and over Bright and surrounds.

Abseiling on Mt Buffalo, Victoria.

Someone has to go first!

Abseiling at Mt Buffalo with Adventure Guides Australia.

Dropping over the edge at the second abseiling location.


This is the big daddy. You’re up above the tree tops and looking out at a drop of a few thousand feet. While the abseil itself is 35 m, the adrenaline really gets going when you’re walking over to the ledge. Take a moment to appreciate how alive you’re feeling!

It’s not until you’re hanging over the edge that the bottom comes into view, but once you’re en-route you just want to keep going – it’s so much fun! This wall allows for some massive jumps, and you can get down in just 4 – 5 if you’re abseiling like a boss.

Abseiling on top of Mt Buffalo

Stepping up to abseil the biggest drop of the day. Get’s the blood pumping!

For those who are up for it, there’s the opportunity to rig up a little differently and abseil the drop face on. This can prove a little more challenging, but it really does become easier the faster you run – confidence it the key.

Abseiling forwards at Mt Buffalo

On the run, not for the faint hearted!

The location for abseiling at Mt Buffalo really is special. The granite rock formations and remarkable views are truly unique and add so much to the experience.

The view from Abseiling at Mt Buffalo.

Absolutely stunning scenery at Mt Buffalo.


Abseiling at Mt Buffalo makes for an epic day out that will leave you feeling confident, proud, satisfied, free and pumped. It’s an awesome activity to do with friends, old or new, and having a sh*t load of fun is guaranteed.

Tip: Get a crew of 8 – 10 together and you should be able to get a private guide – which means you can collaborate with the guide to spend more time on the abseils you enjoy most.

Stoked after a day abseiling at Mt Buffalo.

An awesome day out with an epic crew.

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Bright is a solid 3.5 hr drive north east of Melbourne, along the Hume Highway before turning off just shy of Wangaratta and heading up and into Alpine Victoria. We suggest you base yourself in Bright and make the trip up to Mt Buffalo from there.

Allow around 1 hour to get from Bright to the Gorge Precinct Visitors Car Park (below the Old Mount Buffalo Chalet), which will be your meeting spot on the day. It’s a fair old climb up Mt Buffalo, so ensure you’re well prepared for a much cooler temperature and well stoked with food and drink.