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The East Warburton Redwood Forest is one of Victoria’s hidden gems. Tucked away near the base of the Yarra Yanges, this mystical forest holds around 1450 Californian Redwoods that tower above, reaching high into the sky.

Planted back in 1930 as part of an experiment by the Board of Works to study the effects that introduced tree species had on canopy interception, the East Warburton Redwood Forest is now Heritage Listed.  This is great news for future explorers as these trees can live for 1200 – 1800 yrs and reach up to 115 m tall, more than twice their current height!

When you step into this forest it’s like stepping onto the set of a fairy tale. The Redwoods have been planted in perfect rows and they muffle the noise of the outside world – the silence within the forest is quite noticeable. It’s beautiful but weird at the same time, which makes it a fantastic place to explore, photograph, picnic & generally be creative.

East Warburton Redwood Forest

Adding to the fairy tale vibes, the Warburton Redwood Forest is also home to wild woven art. Initiated by local Warburton artist David Digapony (check him out on Instagram), these artworks take the form of huge circular creations pieced together one fallen redwood branch at a time – and yes, you can add to them.

The artworks rise (and fall) throughout the forest and surrounds, so the scene is forever changing. You may find one in the early stages or a grand masterpiece standing tall.

East Warburton Redwood Forest 16

Once you’re inside the Redwood Forest, walking among the giants and discovering the woven art, your inner explorer will be rearing to go. Let them loose and have fun!

The Warburton Redwood forest is also the perfect place to relax and soak up the outdoor vibes. If you’re into yoga or meditation, you’ll love it. If you like a picnic, you can’t beat it – take cushions and blankets to create the ultimate picnic area.

East Warburton Redwood Forest Picnics

When you’re ready to explore somewhere new, walk to the bottom end of the Redwood forest (it slopes) and you’ll reach a wide grass trail that runs alongside Cement Creek. The creek has a decent flow year round and the native bush throughout this area is impressive.

East Warburton Redwood Forest Cement Creek


Warburton lies 75km east of Melbourne GPO and is your first port of call. Once you reach this lovely little town, continue east on Warburton Highway for another km or so and take Woods Point Road when you reach the fork. From this point, continue for 6.5 km then take a left down Cement Creek Road, your entry point to the East Warburton Redwood Forest.

On route (only 200 m or so) you’ll cross a very well know river – the Yarra. For all the Melbournians who have only seen the Yarra as a slow moving, mud coloured city snake, you’ll be impressed. Check it out when crossing the bridge.

East Warburton Redwood Forest Yarra Bridge

Another few hundred meters up the road you’ll find the carpark to the Warburton Redwood Forest – this is what you need to keep an eye out for. The entrance is via a gate at end.

Have fun exploring!