Up for a new challenge? Keen to test yourself mentally and physically? Rock climbing in the Grampians National Park is an adventure that allows you to push your limits at one of the best sandstone climbing locations in the world. With huge boulder formations and cliffs of all sizes, the Grampians is an epic place to learn the ropes (and a region that you can explore as your confidence grows).


  • Stay/camp in Halls Gap, a small town at the base of the Grampians.
  • Book your climbing adventure with the legends at Hangin’ Out.
  • You will be abseiling big drops.
  • You will be climbing massive rock walls.
  • All levels and ages catered for, from beginners to advanced climbers.


For our experience rock climbing in the Grampians, we hooked up with adventure company Hangin Out who, based in Halls Gap, specialise in rock climbing. After meeting up with your guide and the rest of the crew, your first port of call is gearing up. You’ll be fitted with a quality harness, belay device, climbing shoes and helmet. Everyone will be looking the part.
Get the Rock Climbing kit on


Just a short walk from the Sundial car park we arrived at our climbing location. Tucked away in the heart of the Grampians this has to be one of the most epic locations you’ll ever get the chance to climb. The views are stunning and the cliffs are massive. At least from a beginners perspective. Here your guide will teach you how to abseil (for the uninitiated) and the important things you need to know. At this point the anticipation is building and you’re jostling for position with your crew – some keener than others to step up!
Stepping up to abseil the Grampians


The first test. Your guide will check your harness, help you tie yourself on and ensure everything is safe before walking you over to the edge. Naturally the nerves build. You lean back into the harness and let it take your weight. Quickly you learn to trust your kit, the knots and the guide. You have to. You’re hanging out over a 20m rock cliff.

After listening intently to a few more instructions while hanging over the edge, you kick off (or very slowly walk off) and make your way down. It’s worth noting that the guide has a secondary rope clipped onto your harness as an additional safety precaution. Like anything that pushes you, your senses are highly tuned and it’s a great buzz making your way down the cliff testing your new found abseiling skills.

Abseiling in the Grampians


Once everyone has abseiled down, you’re almost ready to take on these awesome climbs. This is what you came here for, the main event of the day. A number of top rope climbs at varying degrees of difficulty are set-up and you’ll be briefed on each.

Top rope climbs are the safest type of climb which gives you a lot of confidence as a beginner. Essentially you’re attached to a rope that runs to the top of the climb, through an anchored carabiner and back down to your climbing partner, or belayer. Your partner manages the rope through a belay device secured to their harness to ensure that if you were to slip or fall, you’re caught straight away.

After a thorough demonstration it’s time to pair up and put your climbing ability to the test. Whether you opt to start small and build your confidence or jump straight into a tough climb, you’ll be challenged… and learn to trust your mate belaying you down.

It’s fantastic fun and there’s a climb to test everyone. You’ll session the cliffs for a few hours, or until your arms give up. Heard of arm pump? You’ll know all about it after this!

Rock Climbing in the Grampians_mini
Taking a rest on the Grampians rock climb


Rock climbing in the Grampians with Hangin Out is an experience that will test your resolve and physical strength. It’s great fun and an awesome adventure to do with friends, or go solo and make a few new friends.

After a day abseiling and rock climbing you’ll be rinsed, but you’ll have epic memories that will get you through to your next rock climbing adventure… now that you’re hooked.

Enjoying life after rock climbing


The Grampians is a solid drive from Melbourne at around 3 hours & 45 minutes, so at the very least this needs to be an overnight adventure, ideally you’ll have a couple of nights up there to make the most of what’s on offer.

Getting there is straight-forward by car. Simply jump on the M1, and head west until you reach the turn off for the Western Freeway (M80). Stay on the Western Freeway all the way through to Halls Gap, passing through Ballan & Ararat en-route. Halls Gaps will likely be your final destination depending on what accommodation you’ve opted for. Enjoy!