When Stanley asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their Classic 16oz Vacuum Flask, it was an easy yes. Stanley has pedigree, a history of creating great outdoor products and I have personally owned a number of Stanley flasks over the years.

Disclaimer:  Stanley provided AdventureMe with this product to review. Rest assured our views are entirely our own, being 100% independent is important to us.

Stanley 16oz Vacuum Flask in its element

The retro looking Stanley 16oz flask… in its element.

However, a lot has changed over the years, most notably ownership & manufacturing. In 2002 Stanley was bought by Seattle based Pacific Market International (PMI) and their manufacturing facilities were moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to China.

We often assume that following such a move, quality is sacrificed for profit. However, the quality of products manufactured in China these days has improved a lot, so it’s important we make up our own minds.

Enjoying a hot drink from the Stanley Vacuum Flask - 16oz

Enjoying a hot coffee out on the trail.

To do that, I tested the Stanley flask in a couple of situations. These were pretty simple tests, but the Stanley flask has a simple job – maintain a temperature over a long period of time.


Test 1 – How does it compare to the Thermos Vacuum Flask

The first test was to see it was better or worse at maintaining temperature compared to the equivalent sized Thermos Vacuum Flask in a controlled environment i.e. The kitchen.

Each was filled with boiling water and left to sit for 12 hours. Water in both flasks was still steaming hot, but the water in the Stanley flask was significantly hotter. Pass.

Test 2 – How does it perform outdoors

The second test was taking it out on an adventure, in this case a road trip from Melbourne to the Cathedral Ranges, followed by a 5 hr hike.

I filled the flask with hot coffee at 8am and waited until afternoon tea on the trail before sampling the goods. This was around 4pm, so a solid 8 hours later. It was still hot AF, and was a nice warmer as we copped a stiff breeze on the open ridge.

Taking a hot drink on a hike certainly isn’t a necessity, but if you find yourself cooling down on a winters day it’s nice to have. Also, the additional weight isn’t a problem on a day hike.

Classic 16oz Stanley Thermos

A hot drink on a cold day, worth the extra weight.


What we’re loving about the Stanley 16oz Vacuum Flask:

  • Effective seal – The stopper screws in tight without any signs of leakage,  so I can confidently stow in the pack.
  • Cup – The cup’s really useful and screws on tight. Wont be losing that.
  • Tough stainless steel – It’s not going to be rusting any time soon and can handle general wear and tear.
  • Style – Loving the retro look of the Stanley flask range.
  • Insulation – Maintains temperature well for up to 15 hours (note, untested in temperatures below 10 degrees).

What we’re not loving about the Stanley 16oz Vacuum Flask:

  • Branding – I personally like the old painted logo’s rather than the stickers Stanley are now using.
  • Rubber seal – Effective, but flimsy. I can see this needing to be replaced at some stage. Good to know that Stanley have spare parts available to order.


The Stanley 16oz Classic Vacuum Flask is a great addition to the adventure pack. It does what is says on the label, can handle been thrown around and looks good. This flask will certainly be replacing the Thermos flask as my go to for adventures.

As far as value for money goes, I’ve seen varied pricing across different retailers, so be sure to take a look around for the best price.

Stanley Thermos 16oz Classic

The Stanley flask holds temperature well, and looks the part.