A road trip from Melbourne to Noojee encompassing the Toorongo Falls / Amphitheatre Falls circuit walk is a day well spent. While Toorongo Falls is the more spectacular of the two, both falls are quite unique and will impress. Waterfalls aside, the Toorongo Falls Reserve is great fun to explore!


  • Start/Finish: Toorongo Falls Carpark
  • Distance: 2.2 km circuit
  • Time: 45 mins – 1 hr
  • Grade: Easy
  • Attire: Sports clothes & runners will do the job.
  • Where: Gippsland
  • Nearest Town: Noojee
  • Provisions: Water, little else needed


En-route to Toorongo Falls you’ll enjoy plenty of scenic eye candy, as Toorongo Valley Road follows the Toorongo River up a beautiful valley lined with native bush and well maintained paddocks. The drive ends as you reach the Toorongo Falls Reserve, which is the starting point for the walk and encompasses a number of waterfalls.

The starting point for the walk is at the end of the car park and can’t be missed. You’ll finish here too, regardless of whether you complete the circuit walk or just head up to see Toorongo Falls – which is a round trip of 1.5 km, just 700 m shorter than the circuit.

As soon as you enter the Toorongo Falls Reserve on foot you’ll find yourself immersed in dense native bush that consists predominantly of Mountain Grey Gum, Mountain Ash, Manna Gum, Blackwood & Austral Mulberry. There are also plenty of fern varieties that thrive in the damp conditions.

All this lush bush creates a home for a range of native animals including possums, sugar gliders and a number of bat species. Keep an eye out and you might be lucky enough to see one (get up there are dawn or dusk for the best chance).

Toorongo River

Footbridge crossing the Toorongo River – stunning views above & below.


As you follow the cascading Little Toorongo River up a winding gully track you get glimpses of Toorongo Falls, and once you reach the viewing platform the bush opens up to an epic view. Here you can feel the drifting spray settle on your face and watch as the water tumbles down. There’s something about staring up at a waterfall that soothes the soul. Take a moment, take a photo, then it’s on to Amphitheatre Falls.

Toorongo Falls

This stunning photo was provided by Glenn Johnston @glennostagram


Just a few hundred meters on from Toorongo Falls you get to enjoy waterfall number two on the walk. Amphitheatre Falls often goes under the radar when people talk about this walk, but it has a slightly higher flow than Toorongo Falls as the main Toorongo River takes this path. The Falls isn’t your traditional waterfall shape, but it’s still awesome to check out.

There’s also plenty to explore around Amphitheatre Falls, with access tracks leading to the top and up the river another 100 m or so. If it’s warm enough there are a few little pools above the falls that you can take a dip in.

Amphitheatre Falls

From here it’s a short 1 km bushwalk back to the carpark. The trail is well sign posted and follows alongside the Toorongo River all the way down, giving you plenty of photo opportunities and access to more pools if you want to cool off.

Toorongo Falls Trail

All in all, the Toorongo Falls circuit walk is well worth a visit if you’re up Noojee way, and can certainly be the focal point of a day trip. With plenty more to explore in the region and a fantastic pub/restaurant just outside Noojee called The Outpost, add this destination to the adventure list!


The drive from Melbourne CBD takes around 1 hr and 45 minutes. The quickest route involves taking the M1 towards Warragul 100 km, turning left at the Drouin exit and following Main Neerim Rd north for 45 km or so before taking a right onto Yarra Junction – Noojee Rd, which will take you into Noojee. From here, follow Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd east 4 km then take the turn off to Toorongo Valley Rd that will lead you all the way to the falls. Google maps has you covered, so no stress.